Your website is your shop window and it must be constantly your reflection in real time. In a dynamic and ever-evolving society, it is important that your site be updated to reflect the changes that you own.

When you have the time …

And you are eager to invest personally on your website, the websites we design are equipped with a content management system that offers you the comfort and independence you are looking for. This system allows you to easily add photos and text to your website through a virtual management console that is accessible through login and password. We accompany you and offer basic training during the delivery of your website so that you can acquire your independence.

However, the maintenance of a website does not only affect the visible part of the latter.

Trust us with maintaining your website …

Maintaining your website also refers to their application and security update. In other words, it is not only necessary to regularly update the content of your website to meet the needs of your users and improve their referencing, but also to ensure their security and functionality. Your site is similar to your computer, which needs to be protected by an antivirus with regular updates. The application and the security update of the CMS and the various extensions or plugins of your website affect not only the security problems, but also the improvements of the latter.

Services we offer

Update your content to your website according to your instructions

Assistance technology and aide à la prize en main

Improve SEO

Regularly back up your website and databases

Security updates for CMS and various extensions or plugins


Install new web pages or tabs

Restore data in case of a crash of your website

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We build bridges in web technology to connect the customer’s goal with reality